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How is ChatGPT changing Assessments?

ChatGPT is bringing both opportunities and concerns to the assessment industry. AI is a powerful tool for improving assessments, but there are concerns about the ethical implications in assessments.

As ChatGPT continues to evolve and is used by more people, it's important for institutions and educators to stay informed and engaged to ensure that assessments remain reliable and fair for all learners.

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ChatGPT and K12/Higher Education.
For K12/HigherEd institutions looking to ensure fair and secure assessments, Exams offers a suite of features designed to prevent cheating and promote authentic evaluation of student skills and knowledge.

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ChatGPT and Corporate/ HR Professionals.
You want to guarantee you’re hiring the best talent and the Exams platform is equipped with features to manage the use of ChatGPT.


ChatGPT and Assessments.
AI is changing the assessment industry: It's time for the education and corporate world to adapt! We'll guide you and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to integrate AI into your assessment process to ensure that it is used effectively, ethically, and responsibly.

Copy Paste Events

Say goodbye to AI generated copied and pasted answers! Detect copy/paste actions and flag these actions during evaluations for later analysis to ensure academic integrity.

Scan Copied Text

Enable AI detection features to detect potential misconduct. Cheat-proof your assessments including real-world practical assessments to better screen, assess and evaluate skills.

Screen Monitoring

Detect and get notified when multiple screens or new windows are opened to prevent participants from using unauthorized software or resources during evaluations.

Coming Soon...

OpenAI Integration!
Exams for Zoom is working on an integration with OpenAI to provide automatic text classification on all participant answers straight from your LMS or tool.