Corporate and HR professionals

Customized practical assessments for real-world skills.


Hiring and Talent Assessment.
From tech and education to HR, our solution is designed to meet the needs of all types of industries.

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Psychometric Tests

Use our advanced proctoring settings like face detection, identity verification, and screen activity monitoring to fit your needs.


Review Candidates Performance

Your team can review, share and compare insights into an candidate’s abilities and personality traits with our session recordings.


Easy Integration

As simple as integrating or linking API integration with your recruitment or aptitude testing platform.


Practical Assessments

Endless options for assessment, from coding to programming, allow test-takers to demonstrate their technical skills in a remote environment.

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Online Certifications.
Verify the knowledge and skills of your participants.
Providing flexibility and transparency in the certification process.

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Skills Tests

Skills testing made easy with features that ensure academic integrity while providing comprehensive insights into candidate performance.


Coding Assessment

Administer efficient and accurate evaluation of coding skills using programs like Python and Javascript.


Design Assessment

Evaluate visual and creative skills with the ability to monitor, create and upload multimedia content.

Group Assessments.
Assess small groups of up to nine participants as they collaborate, discuss and participate in evaluations.
This feature allows participants to join an exam-style "video conference", recorded for the supervisor's convenience and with all the trusted features of Exams.

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Skill-gap Analysis

Measure specific skill sets and identify gaps to make informed decisions about training and reskilling initiatives.


Training Effectiveness

Create customized assessments that match the training program objectives and get detailed analytics and recordings of learner performance.